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Nature and spontaneity are the main characteristics of my paintings. Very often beauty is the product of the elaboration of an idea, however, nature demonstrates us in every step that the concept of beauty that we have can change.

Nature's beauty is the result of causality, of a series of factors that, apparently disjointed, produce beauty since they talk about a correlation of causes which gives the understanding of an original source.

To me beauty is to let things flow without the margins of rational thought. It is an outpouring of emotions that, like nature, speaks to us of a space full of peace where the opposites, colors and forms find a placidity and energy that is captured by strong traces. It is the creation of an integrative atmosphere where every hue and brushstroke acquires a relevance, diluted in a whole that can seem chaotic but transpires energy and life and leaves no indifference in it's plasticity. My paintings incite contemplation and evoke a sense of empathy that transforms the observer.

"The result is unquestionable beauty".

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If you are interested in any painting make a proposal to me through my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.